What is Y-MUN MS?

The Y-MUN MS program is a simulation of the United Nations designed for middle school students (grades 6-8) that culminates with a three-day experiential learning conference in early January.

Throughout the year, students research the operation and structure of the United Nations, learn about current events, and practice public speaking in preparation for the conference.

During the conference, students use what they have practiced to debate topics of international importance and work together to propose solutions to problems facing the international community.


How is Y-MUN MS different from other Model UN programs?

The Y-MUN MS program is based on the YMCA’s four core values: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility. Throughout the conference, we promote a culture of mutual respect and teamwork, rather than competition. We encourage all students to stand and be heard, whether they are seasoned public speakers or first-time attendees.

It is our focus on encouraging young people to grow and develop as communicators, researchers, and leaders that makes Y-MUN MS perfect for any student.


When is Y-MUN MS?

Y-MUN MS takes place January 15th – 17th, 2021.


Where is Y-MUN MS?

The 2021 Y-MUN MS conference will be held virtually.


How can I attend Y-MUN MS?

To attend Y-MUN MS, students must be part of a participating delegation. To inquire about starting your own delegation, contact Corrien Elmore-Stratton, Executive Director of Community Services at the Greater Philadelphia YMCA, via email at c.elmore-stratton@philaymca.org.


How much does it cost to attend Y-MUN MS?

The cost to attend the virtual conference is $69 per student. Scholarship and financial aid options are available. Please contact your delegation advisor for more information.


What should I wear to the conference?

The dress code for conference is business casual.


Who runs the Y-MUN MS conference?

The Y-MUN MS conference is sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia YMCA and is a volunteer-driven program. All conference staff are volunteers (to meet some of them, click here). Representatives from the YMCA are also in attendance.


Can parents attend the conference?

Yes! If you would like more information, please submit questions here with the subject line “Parent/Guardian Conference Attendance”