Advisor Resources

2021 Y-MUN MS Advisor Manual


The following were drafted with an in-person conference in mind but will undoubtedly be useful resources for the 2021 Y-MUN MS virtual conference. Note that all references to “Y-MUN II” are reference to Y-MUN MS. The conference name was changed this year to avoid confusion with our high school program.

Advisor Manual

2020 Y-MUN MS Advisor Manual

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Introduction to the UN and Y-MUN MS

Download Lesson Plan 1

Lesson 2: Parliamentary Procedure

Download Lesson Plan 2

Lesson 3: Resolution Debate and Resolution Writing

Download Lesson Plan 3

Lesson 4: General Assembly and Country Assignments

Download Lesson Plan 4

Lesson 5: The International Criminal Court

Download Lesson Plan 5

Lesson 6: Service Project and Preparing for Conference

Download Lesson Plan 6

Lesson 7: Y-MUN II Conference Recap

Download Lesson Plan 7