Students in the program (or delegates) face the exciting and challenging task of preparing to become a United Nations Ambassadors. Delegates must be prepared to make impromptu speeches to state their country’s position on topics chosen for debate and undertake formal negotiations within their committees. Each delegate must do extensive research on a variety of topics and be prepared to defend and debate the positions held by his/her country.

It is the responsibility of each delegate to prepare for the conference to ensure a constructive and informed discussion on issues. Therefore, delegates are required to prepare documents (Country Research Questionnaire) that describe their country’s position on all topics chosen for debate.

Adult Roles

There are two primary capacities in which adults serve at Y-MUN II:

Adult Advisors: Advisors play an integral role in Y-MUN II by serving as the representatives for and organizers of delegations. Adult advisors are typically teachers, YMCA staff, or other adults up to the challenge of organizing a group of middle school (6th-8th grade) students to prepare for and attend Y-MUN II. The adult advisors are responsible for the behavior of their students and for compliance with all program deadlines.

It is highly recommended that adult advisors assist their students in preparation for the program. Advisors should ensure that their delegations meet on a regular basis so that students understand program expectations and are fully prepared for conference.  Students also need to learn and practice parliamentary procedure in delegation meetings. Delegate preparation should also include discussions on the YMCA core values (honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility), which are vital for a successful experience for all participants. Materials to aid in preparing delegations can be found under Forms.

At conference, each advisor will be assigned to a committee.  Advisors will be asked to fulfill their selected duty, in addition to supervising their delegates. Advisors are requested to assist delegates who may have questions or concerns over the course of conference. All advisors are required to remain in the hallway for a minimum of 30 minutes after curfew to ensure students are quiet and in their rooms.

Support Staff:  The support staff is comprised of former Y-MUN participants who return each year to plan and execute the Y-MUN II conference. Support staff act as role models for the delegates and provide guidance to delegates as they participate in each of the Y-MUN II simulations. The support staff also operates the Home Office at the conference.  This central location is the hub for all administrative functions, including answering all questions and concerns that arise.

This team of alumni also convenes between annual conferences to design and implement improvements to the structure and operation of the program. They oversee and facilitate all conference-related events and efforts.