Over the years, service projects have become a hallmark of YMCA Civic Engagement programs. Delegates not only come to Y-MUN MS to debate—they come to learn how to make a real and positive impact on the world.

This year, to reinforce the theme of Caring, Y-MUN MS is sending letters to self-isolating seniors through Letters Against Isolation.

Our collective goal is to write and send 100 letters to self-isolating seniors!

How can you help? Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Delegates — recruit your family and friends to write letters with you! The letters can be as creative as you are — for some inspiration, check out Letters Against Isolation’s Instagram.

Step 2: When you’re finished, if you have an Instagram, post a picture of your letter and tag @ymcamun!

Step 3: Advisors — collect the letters from your delegation and send them to:

Southern Pride Senior Services
PO Box 1372
Vienna, IL 62995

Note: We never want cost to be a factor preventing delegates from participating in Y-MUN MS so if you need financial support to cover the cost of sending these letters, please let us know.

Step 4: Then tell us how many you sent by submitting updates with the subject line “LAI Letter Count”

We’ll be tracking the number of letters sent here: