International Criminal Court (ICC)

Committee Description

In the ICC, delegates collaborate in teams to prosecute or defend those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes, as defined by the Rome Statute. When a team’s case is not being heard, delegates act as judges for the other cases being debated by the ICC.

Delegates prepare for the ICC prior to conference by researching one of the cases to be argued. Delegates will be assigned to either prosecution or defense for that case during the conference weekend.

2020-2021 ICC Cases

ICC v. Harry Truman
ICC v. Saloth Sar (Pol Pot)

2021 ICC Case Summaries

2021 ICC Rome Statute Reference

2021 ICC Case Preparation Document (Note: Delegates only need to complete the portion associated with the case to which they were assigned)

Pol Pot Case Documents (for Delegates assigned to the Pol Pot case)

Truman Case Documents (for Delegates assigned to the Truman case)